Monday: Physical Education (Mr. Mascolo)-8th period

Tuesday: Art (Mr. Haber)-4th period

Wednesday: Music (Mr. K)-8th period

Thursday: Art (Mr. Haber)- 2nd period and Science (Ms. McGrath)-5th period

Friday: Science (Ms. McGrath)-4th period






Our class has a daily mid-morning snack usually around 10:00-10:30am.  This snack break will only last 10 minutes, so your child's snack must be a quick item.  I have listed some suggestions below.  Please try to make the snack as healthy as possible. 


CHEESE STICKS           





GRANOLA BARS              

TRAIL MIX              




100% JUICE             



If you wish to contribute a class snack in bunk, that gesture would be very thoughtful of you.   I am sure that some students might forget or be unable to bring a snack, so these bunked items could be used for any kids missing a snack.  I would greatly appreciate it!


 We're using a word problem solving strategy in the 2nd grade.  It is called S.O.L.V.E which stands for:

S: SOLVE THE PROBLEM- Students will need to figure out what the problem is asking for ( I will need to find...)

O: ORGANIZE THE FACTS- Students will list all the important facts and eliminate unnecessary facts.

L: LINE UP A PLAN- Students will design a plan to find the answer.  The plan can be a number sentence or picture.  (DON'T SOLVE YET!)

V: VERIFY THE PLAN-Students will do whatever the plan stated to do and solve the problem.

E: EXAMINE THE RESULTS-Students will check the answer by solving the problem a different way to see if the answers match.

Also students need to make sure to underline the question of the word problem and circle all the important words & numbers that are needed to solve the problem. 

This strategy will help students to slow down and analyze a word problem before actually solving it.  Lastly, it will help students to solve in different ways and allow them to make sure that the answer makes sense.



Class 202 is using the MyOn Reading Program for homework.  It is very important that students use this site every Monday through Friday for at least 20 minutes a day.   Also the texts on this program have assessments at the end, so please ensure that your child is taking these quizzes.   It is very important that your child reads daily at home in order to build fluency and comprehension.  Also, make sure that the reading material is on your child's current reading level.  This act of daily reading will hopefully build a love for literature.