Welcome to Mr. Fouchecourt's Class 303



The Assembly is this Friday, January 6th, from 11:45 - 12:15, in the auditorium! The 3rd grade is performing Celebration by Kool and the Gang to ring in the New Year! Please come join us in our celebration!

Students should practice their recorder at home! They need to bring it back to school with them on Tuesdays!

What we are working on...

Reading - Nonfiction Texts

Writing - Persuasive/Opinion

Math - Multiplication/Algebra

Homework Heroes for November and October


Janelle, Jeremiah, Annabella, Emmerson, Gianna, Andrea, Angelina, Lorelei, Dominic



Lukas, Janelle, Jeremiah, Annabella, Emmerson, Gianna, Samantha, Andrea, Lorelei, Ian, Dominic, Aidan

Students of the Month

November: Janelle


December: Lorelei

Reading Response Questions

Only answer the Reading Response question that is assigned! Do NOT answer all 5 of them at once! Your response should answer the question and use details from the text to support your answer! You should write about 5 - 7 good sentences!