Welcome to Mrs. Airhuoyo's Class K-013

Math- Chapter 10

Skills: identifying 3 dimensional shapes

Students will identify three dimensional shapes: cylinder, pyramid, cube, rectangular prism, sphere

Writing- Narrative - Story telling writing pieces

We are learning to write like a story teller. We are writing about something we experienced and writing like a story teller.

We are learning to use adjectives ( words that describe nouns ( person, place, or thing) Ex: writing narrative story telling 2018.docx 

We have to write many details using words and sentences.

We can reread our writing to add more when we are done. 

We also must use our kindergarten check list.

Ezara Jack Keats has some great books to read to your child.

 Pet Show                                     Peter's Chair

The Snowy Day                            Whistle for Willie




Social Studies- Father's Day Cook book


We are making a Dad's Favorite Recipe Cook book for Father's day .

Please send in a favorite recipe and a picture of the child and Dad.



Reading- Sight/high frequency words

Please review the sight words/ high frequency words daily.

WEEK OF June 4, 2018:

but, had, he, more, so, who, ate, wanted, girl, door, boy, lived, his, too, was

*Have your child read each word, write each word, and say each word. You can use your child's notebook.



muffin, biscuits, pitter-pat