Welcome to Mrs. Airhuoyo and Ms. Tanturri 's Class K-012

Welcome Letter and Homework

Dear Parent/Guardian,

  We are so excited to be teaching kindergarten this year. Your child will be embarking on great reading adventures, exploring while learning math, growing socially as well as emotionally.

  We will need all of your support on this learning journey. Please be sure to read and do all assignments nightly to ensure your child's growth as well reinforce daily lessons.

  Attached to this letter is a copy of our supply list. Continue to bring in classroom supplies if you have not completed the list already.

  Please be sure to label all of your children’s clothing and items. Have your child bring a plastic zip-lock bag with an extra labeled outfit incase of an accident. It is important to make sure that your child can go to the bathroom independently so no hard to open buttons or belts.

  You can contact us anytime through our email or by calling the school. We will return your call/email as promptly as possible.

Rairhuoyo@schools.nyc.gov or Lisatanturri@yahoo.com

Visit the website at PS304X.com

  We are looking forward to an amazing school year!


     Mrs. Airhuoyo & Ms. Tanturri



Social Studies

We are learning about the school community and being a good citizen.

Writing- Show and Tell

 We are writing in class. We are labeling are pictures with beginning letter sounds.

We are stretching out words. We are using the word wall and alphabet chart  to write sentences.



Kindergarten Orientation Powerpoint

Reading- Sight/high frequency words

see, my, a, look, like, the, we

Math words: one, two, three, four, five 

Write each word on an index card to make flash cards.

Review each word every night!