Welcome to Ms. Cutrone's Class 203



Reading:  Becoming Experts: noticing the features of non fiction, summarizing sections and chapters , figuring out what words mean, as well as learning the special "lingo" or "language" within each subject , comprehension strategies and fact finding.

Writing: The How to Guide for Nonfiction Writing: finding out we are "experts" at things!, writing "expert" non fiction books , looking at non fiction book styles to inspire our writing , writing "catchy" beginnings to draw in the reader,  and editing and revising your non fiction books.

Phonics: (Fundations) glued sounds (ong, am, ink, old, -and many  others you may have seen as spelling words), blends, vowel team introduction (ea, ai, oa,ey, and so on)

Social Studies: maps, directions, where are we in the world  (Earth, North America, USA, NY, NYC/Bronx) and NYC's 5 boroughs

Math: Unit 1: number sense, addition , subtraction , facts in a snap! (1-20),  adding with 3 addends, related subtraction and addition facts, and  make a ten strategy

Prep Schedule

Monday: Art Tech with Mrs. Labbate 1:55-2:40 *please note Mrs. Labbate will be dismissing the class 

Tuesday: Science with Mrs. Mc Grath- 10:40-11:30  and Art with Mr. Haber 1:55-2:40 *Mr. Haber will be dismissing class

Wednesday: Art 1:55-2:40-*Mr. Haber will be dismissing 

Thursday: Physical Education with Mr. Mascolo- 11:30-12:20 *please send in students with sneakers

Friday: Science- 10:40-11:30