Welcome to Mrs. Airhuoyo's Class K-013

Math- Chapter 7


vocabulary: same number, compare, match, greater, less, fewer, match, more, one , two, three, four , five, six, seven , eight,  nine, ten, add, plus, subtraction, minus, subtract

Writing- Persuasive

We are learning persuasive writing.

We have to make a statement ( Ex: My Grandma is the best. or We need more recess time.)

This week some students are working on a lead sentence that can capture the readers attention ( Ex: Did you know that the big kids run down the stairs and that is a problem?)

We have to give at least two reasons in our writing ( One reason why  Mom is the best is  because she makes me laugh.. Another reason she is the best is because Mom knows how to have fun.

The children are going to have to persuade you with their writing.


Social Studies- March is Women's History Month

We are learning about the old and the new.

We learned about the poet Maya Angleou. We listened to one of her read one of her poems via video. We learned about her and her life.

We are learning about women that made a difference. We are writing about our mothers in writing and why she is the best.



Reading- Sight/high frequency words

Please review the sight words/ high frequency words daily.

WEEK OF March 12, 2018 :

we, the,see, can, I, look, give, has,have, read, for, where, went, with, what, come, me, little, it, get, an, this, then, she, said, of, like, on, and, is, by, big, will, to, play, in, do, if, my, at, 


*Have your child read each word, write each word, an say each word. You can use your child's notebook.



Fancy words- roared, beehive ,  and bommy-knocker