Our Vision And Mission

At P.S. 304, The Early Childhood Lab School, we welcome children from a diversity of cultural, social and religious backgrounds.  Our primary goal is to open and educate young minds while instilling a lifelong love of learning in an environment that fosters tolerance and acceptance of each other, and of oneself.  

We continually strive to provide a well-rounded educational foundation, and at its cornerstone are effective, committed and driven teachers who motivate students to not only improve academically, but to push their own creative, physical and intellectual boundaries. The social and emotional development of every child is as of much concern to us as the academic piece.  

Administration, teachers and staff are single-minded in the goal of providing an optimal learning environment for students.  Educators are supported professionally, and in turn, support students to meet their fullest potential.  

P.S. 304 is a collaborative, concerned community, conscious of the well-being of the whole child.  

Parent involvement is not only welcomed, it is considered an essential element to the continued success of our students and their school.